Red5 Pharmaceuticals, LLC is an emerging start-up company focusing on the development of innovative therapeutic agents against cancer.

Improving Cancer Treatment with Red5 Pharmaceuticals

Red5 has a unique technology, able to evaluate patient response to particular chemotherapies and additionally provide those therapies.” – Dr. Timothy Miller, Chairman and Co-Founder

Red5 Pharmaceuticals, LLC currently leverages its patented technology in three biomedical areas:


Developing non-natural nucleosides as adjunctive therapeutic agents that enhance the anti-cancer effects of existing chemotherapeutic agents. We have demonstrated that several of our analogs significantly increase the efficacy and potency of anti-cancer agents such as temozolomide, cisplatin, and carmustine.

Theranostic Nucleosides as Personalized Medicines

Personalized medicine emphasizes the customization of pateint care by tailoring treatments and therapeutic practices to an individual. Conventional approaches typically involve the molecular profiling of a patient's cancer through genetic, proteomic, and/or metabolomic analyses.
Theranostic Agents

Diagnostic Detection of Pro-Mutegenic Replication

According to American Cancer Society, more than 1,660,000 people were diagnosed with cancer in 2013 alone. More than 70% of these patients will be treated with DNA damaging agents as part of their therapy. A current limitation of these treatments is the inability of oncologists to rapidly and accurately assess if a patient will respond favorably or poorly to these treatments.

“Cancer is a horrific disease, and one cannot help but be touched by the courage and strength of individuals who suffer from this terrible disease. At Red5 Pharmaceuticals, we are committed to develop new therapies and treatments to help patients overcome cancer. We have created the first “theranostic agent” against certain forms of pediatric leukemia, and we hope to extend this technology to treat other forms of cancers as well. These “theranostic agents” will provide patients with better therapeutic options as they possess both therapeutic and diagnostic activities.” – Anthony J. Berdis, Ph.D, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder